Famous Halloween Costumes

Every age and time has its own preferences. Every year during Halloween season there’s riot of costumes and colors and it changes every year with different getups. Sometimes people dressup as Pumpkin, then we have jack o lantern, peter pan , Gandalf and so on.

But there’s a trendsetter for each season and it is this niche which springs up the foremost. Some of the famous costumes which has caught everyone’s fancy is listed is sequence:

Elsa costumes: Two sisters anna and elsa are going to melt your hearts away with some col costumes. This costume is a fabled hit among young teens due to its frozen appearance.Find elsa anna costume at most online retailers.

Mad Minnions: Looks like the swedes running amok. Fashioned with the color of Swedish flag, this looks awesome and funky and sure to garner eyeballs and swoon the public. A leg warmer minion can make your day.

Cindrella: Among Disney costumes the fanciful cindrella make it in the top list with its fairytale aapeal. Cindrella with snow white can be a big hit in schools and stage kit plays.

Zombie costumes: A perennial hit category zombie can be fun and entertaining at Shows, Home plays and even large gatherings where you can suddenly pop up and scare the shit of everyone. Superhero: Get set on a mission and unravel the mystery with superhero costumes. Be invisible to your enemies but be on guard and save the world from evil monsters . This category is a hit among kids.

Time to sign off!

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How to SAVE your skin at the Page 3 Party

Black marketeering has lent a dent in the fortunes of online retailers and the unorganized sector is mushrooming with plethora of counterfeit brands duplicating the originality and robbing the genuine retailers of their due.
The foremost thing to scrutinize any brand is by visiting the main website and checking the finer details of the product mentioned by keying in the product code, checking for angular images, calling the customer service department and so on. This is not a surefire way to get the violator booked but in bargain you will be saved a lot disgrace by wearing counterfeit products.
The originality vis a vis fake issue has cropped up since time of liberalization and a has brought up serious repercussions for retail market online as well as physical stores.
The next step in gauging the originality of online brand is by checking their associations with accreditation agencies and trusted seal marks displayed in form of a hologram.
There are various online tools to check genuineness of online retailers like Klout, Peerindex etc…and even so a brief search on Google will throw up scam results if it’s a brand imposter. As of now there is no law to deter fakes but a collective consensus from the brands and stringent rules can make a lot of difference.

Costumes are one such sector where fakes abound in plenty. No doubt you may look like an original stunt man wearing Giordano and wranglers but the show soon fades away in the test of time. When purchasing costumes, quality wins over price and quantity. There is a famous clique which superimposes this scene which says ‘A penny saved is penny earned’ and how true it is in online retail scenario.
Coupons are the latest fad and deals proliferate every nook and corner of the internet. New entrants in deal market are the shopping comparison and deal comparison sites which aggregates the results from all online sites so that every deal customized to your requirements is presented in a platter.
We at Halloweencostumesale always strive to provide unmatched quality which will last forever. True success of any brand lies in its genuineness and frank speak. So this guide is a wakeup call for all online shoppers to go for originality and shun fakes.
Happy and Safe Shopping.

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Memorial day – A Martyr’s day to visit

Come Memorial day, a biggest day in history of American warfare where thousands of US troops lost their lives in Vietnam war. This day is celebrated with much fanfare in US and streets run riot with fireworks and colorful display of costumes. Retailers all over US stock their costume arsenal for last minute purchases. The memorial day display mostly patriotic and war costumes like pin stripes, army , navy , sailor and other military fatigues.

storm fox adult costume

We at Halloween costume sale provide some amazing range of costumes for the coming memorial day celebrations. Every costume is tailor fit and fits all size and genders.

Get your memorial day costume requirements Now.

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Cinco De Mayo – An All Out Mexican Affair

Come cinco de mayo and mexico erupts in celebrations. Streets are lined up with gastronomic treats and colorful costumes. Cinco de mayo is the most important event in Mexican calendar and people throng the streets as a wake up call for the nation. More than Mexico its in United states that the festival gets its full up recognition.


Cinco de mayo is celebrated the worlds over with pomp and gaity. In Canada as well as far off cayman islands a sky diving competition is held during the event. In carribean too, the event finds its place.

Cinco de mayo is famous for the Salsa and Can Can , Torreado type costumes and one can find innumerable trinklets and costumes shops catering to the event.

Frill, straight set, smooth and petite outfits rule the roost during the event. Mexican cowboys are famous and we also find similar outfits scattered all over the event venues.

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DIY Costumes A Homemade Art

If there is one art that garners the most likes and comments in social media, it’s DIY. Do it yourself is an art where you design the costumes or any material using standard home based materials. A lamp can be made out of coconut shell, Pumpkin crust can be used for making a Jack-O-Lantern and even a Spiderman costume can be made using an rugged cloth material. As for a Spiderman costumes, the boots can be totally recycled from bike tyres to give it a solid feel. The arm bands, chest stripes can all be juxtaposed using simple leather jackets or belts. So next time you think of buying a Halloween costume, think twice. You can save a lot of cost by being a creative thinker in your backyard.

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Easter Costumes Release your Spiritual Side


Easter is a time for introspection and piety. Every Christian worth his salt undergoes a penance for 40 days during lent to prepare for the E-day. Some fast, while some guzzle up the religious text. But there are a cliché who do things by dressing religiously and walking the talk. Come Easter and you see people adorned with amazing Easter bunny caps and biblical character costumes like St Joseph, Jesus , Mother Mary and even Moses. Halloween costume sale has felt this pulse long back and has a separate section for Easter based costumes. Arouse your spiritual character by dressing like Jesus and St Joseph. There will definitely be a change in your attitude and those around you.

For procuring Easter costumes, visit the Easter section

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Batman Halloween Costumes: The New Undercover Agent

When you think batman we imagine a stealth creature moving around suspiciously during night breaks and solving a difficult jigsaw crime puzzle. Yes, Batman has evolved from being just a normal superhero to uncovering deep secrets of this world. Batman is loved by many kids and adults alike since he is so mysterious and extremely off beat than normal superhero characters like Spiderman and Superman who are upfront and visible. In fact , this elusive nature makes batman the hit among night bike riders who are frankly called “batmans” due to their daring night adventures.

Batman Halloween costume have evolved in different suits and armory. Right from the original purple color down to grey and black a complete metamorphism has taken place in the outfit design and contours.

Mens batman adult costumes

Mens batman adult costumes

Womens Batman Costumes

Womens Batman Costumes

During Halloween season the most familiar item is the Pumpkin and Jack-O-Lantern but even so batman Halloween costumes evokes a lot of curiosity among teenagers. Batman is a secret agent always on the move trying to solve mysteries and hope this agent solves the mysteries of your life too.

Check our surprise unisex batman collections


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July 4th Independence Day Party Costumes

Are you anxious to express your patriotism on this July fourth? Independence Day celebration is a great way to express your love towards country. Parades and parties are conducted at various places throughout the country. Whatever the way, you celebrate the July forth, costumes is an important aspect. It helps to express your creativity, your feelings and your thoughts too.

We have wide variety of patriotic costumes to help you in celebrating July forth. Uncle Sam’s costume is very common theme of celebrating Independence Day. This costume generally includes white – red striped pant with blue coat. This costume is not just for men but for women also and you can choose from different varieties of Lady Uncle Sam costumes. Even you can do a lot of combinations with whatever accessories you have, just by adding simple Uncle Sam beard. You can even find several options of Uncle Sam Hats and Uncle Sam coat at our online shop.

Celebration of July 4th is not limited to just Uncle Sam’s costumes. The trend of wearing Captain America costume provides options to add fun to your Independence celebration. The costume generally includes white, blue and red viz. US flag color combination. The Infant Captain American Costume resembles the super hero and that’s the reason why kids love this costume. Infants look so cute in Red shoes and blue headgear. The blue bodysuit look amazing for kids as well as for adults. Adults love this Adult Captain America costume jumpsuit as it allows showcasing muscular body.

Apart from these two popular costumes, we also have several other patriotic costumes like Mr. Lincoln child costume , Miss Liberty Costume  and more. To view our complete collection of 4th of July costumes and accessories for adults, kids, teens and plus sizes visit our page at http://www.halloweencostumesale.com/cat-4th-of-july-costumes.aspx.


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Memorial Day Costumes

Everyone is now eagerly waiting for Memorial Day. It falls on the last Monday in the month of May. It was originally known as Decoration Day. This year it is on 26th of May. As generally schools are closed on Memorial Day, many people prefer to travel during this long weekend.

However, Memorial Day is a legal holiday meant for remembrance and thanksgiving to many unknown soldiers who have died while protecting the country. Various Memorial Day events are organized in cities like Washington, New York City and San Francisco. The Central Park, New York Memorial Day celebration is the biggest event featuring foods from restaurants all over the city. Whereas, San Francisco Memorial day event includes art shows. Fireworks are the specialty of the Chicago Memorial Day event.

If you are planning to hoist a flag outside your house or office observing Memorial Day, you may want to take a look at this silk American flag 

We have a choice of several Memorial Day costumes that will be perfectly suitable to wear at any of the Memorial Day event or function you may be attending. Take a look at the range of our patriotic costumes. Our patriotic hero costume will definitely set the mood for the event. It is a cool dress with a flag where Jacket and pant is a fantastic combination of flag colors.

We have a nice child costume where you will find that the apron and skirt is nicely made of flag combination. Though shoes are not included with this Betsy Ross child costume, it is a perfect costume for teenage girls

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Cinco de Mayo Costumes

Are you ready for Cinco de Mayo party? You want to try something new for your party decors, recipes and even costumes. Here we have few suggestions of costumes for the celebration of “Fifth of May”

Simple way to get ready for party is to use some Mexican costume accessories like white shirt, Mexican skirt and hat. However, we have nice collection of Cinco de Mayo costumes.

Senorita Adult Costume :
Red and black color combination for layered gown gives it royal look. The sequin headpiece is also of black lace mantilla veil which suits the dress perfect. This traditional costume is just perfect for your Cinco de Mayo party.

This is fresh white top with different color ruffled skirt. It has a bow attached to this long skirt. This dress is referred as “ I love Lucy” costume also.

This is another colorful satin dress which fits to all adults. The hair clip comes with 3 flowers. And one flower clip for skirt. Different color of this dress makes you noticeable in party.

Bandido Costume :
We also have special costume for men. This includes s includes satin cape and gauze shirt. It also includes hat, studded belt, mask, studded gloves & fencing sword.


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